Tarot for the Week of March 11 – 17, 2012

This week will bring some inner balance after a period of difficulty. You will find yourself at peace with both yourself and others. This card heralds positive changes. It will also be a good time for relationships, ushering people of like mind and spirit into your life.

This card promises incoming good things and a time of happiness and fulfillment. For those of you who have been wishing for a new romantic relationship, keep your eyes open. One word of caution…keep your feet on the ground because more than one new person may come into your life, but only one will be the right one. This card also shows that success is on the way in projects which you’ve already been hard at work on.

All parts of yourself will be in sync this week, helping your true spirit to be released and making it possible for dreams to come true. This week could bring very vivid dreams which are so realistic that it will be hard to tell the difference between sleep and waking. It should also be much easier for you to remember your dreams during this period of time than normal. Some of the dreams could be very psychic in nature, so pay close attention to them so that you can compare what happens in dream to what happens during your waking hours. Also keep in mind that dreams have a way of coming true, so try to be mindful of what you allow into your subconscious as well as what you daydream about.

This week should be very interesting…in a good way. Things should go pretty smoothly after a small rough patch early on. It looks like it will be a great time for harmony, both within yourself and in relationships with others. If there is a project or idea you’ve given a lot of yourself to, make sure that you allow time and energy to put a little extra push into it, because all of the harmonious energy of this week will help to bring success. This week is also a powerful time in the dream world…both while asleep and even daydreaming. Power comes with responsibility, so enjoy this time of heightened consciousness while being mindful of what you allow your mindset and focus to be. Also keep open to precognitive and psychic messages contained in dreams this week.


4 thoughts on “Tarot for the Week of March 11 – 17, 2012

  1. I have started keeping a journal by my bed again. I used to do it long ago and got out of the habit. It came in handy if I would wake in the middle of the night. I could write down my thoughts and dreams. Thanks for the reminder to remain aware of our dreams. They are very powerful.

  2. I am glad that you have the journal by the bed again. I am sure that you will learn something in a dream this week. Your dreams have always been very strong and I'll admit that I've admired how well you recall them.

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