Wishcasting Wednesday

Today Jamie asked, ‘What is your spirit wishing for?’. There are so many things which I could write here, but I will keep it narrowed down to the ones which are most important to me right now. My spirit wishes to keep growing in ways which bring all aspects of myself together…the spiritual, emotional, and physical. Since I’ve learned the importance of nurturing myself and the effect that it has on my outlook, the way that I feel physically, my creativity, and even in the way in which it helps me to assist others better my levels of peace, happiness, and sense of fulfillment have gone up wonderfully.

Saying all of that has caused me to think about the things which help my spirit to grow and feel joy and that I am slowly working my way back to doing more of. Having a connection to the natural world is a must for me. Feeling the air on my face, looking up at the sky throughout the day and night, watching the trees sway in the breeze, touching a stone warmed by the sun…it’s all necessary. Also, taking time to meditate (which is still something I am struggling with) is vital to keeping balance. Having quiet moments with either no noise but nature or sometimes soft music by candlelight to reflect or to reach out and take in the energy of the divine is one of those things a lot of us tend to take for granted way too often and is another one of those things which keeps everything in perspective and in balance. Another thing which I love to do that fills me with energy and joy…not many people know about this but will now…is to turn on something with a lot of drumming on a stormy evening with the windows open to let in the ozony air, light a few candles, turn off all of the lights and move around the house to the beat when I am able to move that way…otherwise I will just sit and close my eyes and let the beat course through my body and it’s still fantastic!

This question from Jamie today has been awesome in helping me to remember and make a commitment to be more attentive to feeding my spirit…not only for myself but also for the impact it will have on others. I have always been a highly spiritual person…with a lot of gap time for various reasons. In the past few years my physical life has changed, and caused me to reflect and focus on other areas of myself. Taking the focus off of what I can do physically has been a challenge but it has been a challenge in which I have found more power and beauty than I could have imagined.


8 thoughts on “Wishcasting Wednesday

  1. I also have found a big desire for the natural world right now. With the sun shining and my flowers beginning to poke up, I'm having an awful time staying inside!Keep up the good work and I'll hope for some really wonderful storms to come your way!As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also!

  2. Hi Maggie, I know what you mean about not wanting to stay inside. I spent practically the whole day outdoors! Thanks for coming by. I did get your other comment…well question…yes, as you can see your comment go through. I just haven't been on the computer to moderate. πŸ™‚

  3. Tracy, I so could imagine the drums and walking through the house with the windows open…sounds heavenly to my way of thinking. As you Wish I too wish with you.

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