Tarot for the Week of March 4 – 10, 2012

This is a week of renewal in which you may undergo a change which will alter the way that you live your life. The way that you see things will be different. In recent times you may have felt as though you were in a spiritual void and this will be lifted. This will also be a good time to change unhealthy habits. If you make the choice to make positive changes this week, you will have the opportunity to be be awakened into a new and better cycle of life.

This is another card of renewal and big life changes which tells us that if we listen to our intuition and have the courage to step up and meet the opportunity that the path to a new and better life path is before us. Make sure that you seek out divine assistance throughout this process to avoid being tossed into a state of upheaval. There could also be clues which will help in dreams, so pay close attention to them. If at any time you begin to feel lost, rest assured because there will be plenty of guidance available which will seem as though it came out of the blue.

This card cautions us to make sure that we remain centered and in balance or our quest could take a turn into a restless wandering without a goal in reality. Make sure that you are careful to keep a balance between the physical and spiritual this week to avoid missing the wonderful opportunities which are coming. Also make sure that you are decisive and willing to make a commitment to the choices you will be making.

This should be a fantastic week for new beginnings and big life changes as long as we are bold and meet them with a willingness to make a commitment to the decisions which are made in order to meet the changes.  Also make sure that you look within to make sure that your inner motives are pure in regards to any changes. Seek divine wisdom while keeping your feet on the ground and this week should bring something wonderful.


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