My Lesson for the Week

I have been thinking over the past few days about the tarot for this week and how it might tie into my personal life and recent events. While I normally do reflect on the tarot readings, this week’s really caught my attention because it struck me profoundly as I drew the cards. The funny thing is that I had a preconceived notion of what it meant for me and had an idea about how it would play out. While it hasn’t been anywhere close to what I thought it would be, there has been a very strong message in there for me.

My original thoughts about the outcome had a lot more to do with creative endeavors and spirituality. What the lesson turned out to be for me though was that there was something else that needed to be set in stone for all of the other stuff to come into effect in the way that I was seeing it happening as I was reading the cards. Now that I look back to Wishcasting Wednesday for this week, it all ties together so perfectly. Thinking about the cards and the parts about mastery, putting in effort, and taking an active role…then looking at what I wrote for Wishcasting, which was about being fierce about giving myself and the things which are important to me top priority…even thinking about having the wasp sting and the allergic reaction brings it all into focus.

Yes, the reading was about mastering my skills and working better creatively…I see what exactly it is which needs to be mastered for the rest of it to fall into place. It’s about me seeing and understanding that I am worthy of my own time. This has been a recurring theme in my life and while I still have a teensy little way to go, I am learning and implementing this. While I do not know why it seems that learning this has been such a strong theme in my life nor why it has taken me so long to get it…at least I do get it now. For the longest time I’ve been wondering why it is that I cannot seem to get myself off the ground with all of the things that really matter to me and now I know exactly why. The important thing is that I also know exactly what I need to do and even more importantly is that I know that I will do it.

I remember writing at the end of the tarot reading this week that it was a very powerful one. That sure has turned out to be the case for me personally…even more so than I thought. It seems to have handed me the key to a door which I haven’t been able to fully unlock for the longest time…the door to my own identity and joy. Look out everyone…the full unedited me is breaking out of her cage! *wink*


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