Wishcasting Wednesday…A Day Late

Better late than not at all right? Things have been so busy with getting moved that I am glad to get this in only one day late! Last week was missed altogether because I made my move on Tuesday and was without internet until just yesterday. So…anyway…this week Jamie asked, Where do you wish to be fierce?  Interesting question.

Just a few years ago I would have answered this question so much differently than I am about to now. Back then I would have answered that I wanted to be fierce in protecting others, the environment, in standing up for what’s right. While I still include those, I now add protecting myself and my personal beliefs to that list. It has taken me a long time to realize how important it is to be just as, if not more fierce in guarding yourself as you are with others. All of the other things mean just as much to me now as they ever did, with the exception of no longer being willing to take care of everyone and everything else at the expense or exclusion of myself.

Years ago I would have found that last statement to be selfish. Now I have learned that we have to give priority to ourselves in order to really be there for anyone else. It’s important that our hearts are in what we do and for that to happen we have to give that heart some TLC. So, my wish for this week is to continue to be fierce in protecting and giving importance to myself.

6 thoughts on “Wishcasting Wednesday…A Day Late

  1. So very true! If there's anything that I have experienced really requires fierceness in this world, it is having to courage to put myself and my needs first, despite all the voices, inside and outside (But still mostly inside πŸ™‚ myself telling me to do otherwise.As Beautiful Tracy wishes for herself, I wish for her also.-Alma

  2. Hi Alma, oh yes I know those voices! I agree with you about the inside one being the most persistent. Sounds like we are both slowly learning how to ignore it a little better. πŸ™‚

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