All Moved In

Things went off without a hitch last Tuesday for the move. This isn’t to say that it was an easy day, because it was absolutely exhausting. This might sound strange, but as tiring and long as it was it was fun at the same time. I have to admit that it felt so great when I turned the key in the lock for the last time as I was leaving. Knowing that there will be no more knocks at the door at all hours asking for money or rides…no more phone calls pretending to be a chat when they are really wanting to ask for something…no more loud music and fighting in the middle of the night…is fantastic.

Having a week without internet has been pretty relaxing, just as I knew that it would be. I have gotten all of my things put away, spent some nice time with family, and have been doing all sorts of stuff which I haven’t been able to do for a while. The weather was beautiful for the first few days that I was here and it felt so good to be outdoors several times a day. I am happy to report that even though I’ve only been moved for a week, it is already obvious that I will be spending a lot less time online and more time working on the things that I love to do. Not feeling restricted to staying indoors with everything closed up and locked is already doing wonders for my emotional and creative state. My sleep pattern is a lot better already too!

I am not a person who likes living out in the middle of nowhere, yet it is vital to my very being that I am able to get outside and also that I am able to throw my windows open to have that contact with the natural world. It isn’t that I am bothered by the sounds of everyday life, it’s just that I have a real problem with having my personal space invaded in the way that it was in my old place. With all of that being said, I know that I am an in town kind of girl. At the same time, the town in which I live needs to have nice parks, trees, and plants. I just love the perfect mix of nature and culture. I am enjoying my time here, but I am really looking forward to the move which I will be making later this year because the location has that perfect mix which just says heaven to me. Until I get there, I will be doing a lot of work creatively and spiritually. There will be some new stuff here on the blog too. Plus, I plan on having lots of fun with family before I leave the area.

It feels good to have things almost all settled. I will admit that I’m pretty tired but it’s actually a good tired…if that makes any sense. Now that things are calming down, I’ll be back here posting again regularly! I thank all of you for your patience. My internet was installed late in the day today, so this will be the only post for today. I’ll be bringing back the Tarot real soon. I hope that all of you are well and that you’ve had a great week. 

4 thoughts on “All Moved In

  1. I am so happy to see you back. Can hardly wait for your tarot. I am glad that you have gotten some much needed rest and that your nights have been filled with sleep and precious travels. Breathe deeply of the night air. There is much to be discovered this time around. Love you sister.

  2. Thank you sister. It's good to be back. The sleep I have been getting has been great…it feels so good! You are right that there is a lot to be discovered this time around. It's funny that you put it that way because when I get the feeling that there is something coming, that is exactly the way that I think of it. I love you too. The tarot will be back real soon…probably today. I know that there are a few people that have been missing it. *HUGS*

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