Tarot for the Week of February 16-19, 2012

Due to personal scheduling and other issues, this week’s tarot will cover only four days…from today through Sunday.

This card encourages us to be more aware of the gifts we have been given. It also speaks of a harmonious and and satisfying time in all areas of our lives…the material, emotional, creative, and relationships. Make sure that you seek out those people and activities which give you that feeling of satisfied fullness.

Very good things are on their way in and we will feel happiness coming in to replace any struggles we’ve had lately. If you are on the lookout for a relationship, the timing is perfect to find one which will be fantastic. Make sure not to drop your guard though because there could very well be more than one choice and if common sense isn’t used, the wrong one may be chosen.

This card brings the message that we will be dealing with karma…both positive and negative. Don’t let it worry you though, because this is an opportunity to grow and let go of those things which weren’t so great, making room for new and better. Use this opportunity to change those things in your life which aren’t the best of you. If you use this as a means to transform yourself, you will find yourself on the road to fantastic growth and a positive way of life which will lead to future rewards.

The remainder of this week looks very good indeed. Even though we may see that some of our past ways and deeds may come back to us, it isn’t cause for alarm. It is a chance to turn things around and adopt practices which are more appropriate to the best which is in us. We will also be reaping the rewards of the times in which we have made positive efforts. Otherwise, the rest of this week should be filled with a lot of harmony and satisfaction. Just remember to use your head regarding any relationship decisions.


3 thoughts on “Tarot for the Week of February 16-19, 2012

  1. Just a thought, but maybe, for some, the karma is the end of bad karma coming along; to be replaced with good. At least it seems that way for myself after the last day or so. Wishing you a good week miss Tracy.

  2. Hi there Luke. Yes and it is stated in the reading that karma comes back whether good or bad, and that we will also be reaping positive. Also, that it is an opportunity to let go of negative to bring in positive. I'm really glad to hear that things are looking up for you! That's always welcome news 🙂

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