Filling Your Spiritual Toolbox…Not About Religion

This post is all about spiritual tools. We all need them, no matter what you might think. I’m not talking about religion here, I’m talking about pure spirit. Maybe you have (as I’ve done) fallen away from your spiritual side and the comforts of it for some reason. Perhaps you’ve been connected to your spirituality for so long that you feel as though the tools are not necessary any more. It could even be that your spirit is something which has never been something you’ve paid much attention to because you were busy or simply haven’t given it much thought. None of that matters. There is no reason to question yourself or feel guilty. By sinking into those feelings which are negative, we only slow ourselves down even further. So, let’s talk about simple things which any of us can do to help us to reconnect with this marvelous side of ourselves. Even when we are neglecting it, it is still there patiently waiting for us to tap into it.

Most of the things I’ll be discussing here are natural items. The reason for this is that a connection to nature is a connection to spirit, because nature is life. Have you ever noticed how energized you feel after spending time outdoors? Or how your mood improves and settles into a state of contentment after you’ve spent some time with your toes in the grass or after you’ve sat under the shade of a beautiful tree? There’s just something uplifting and even magical for our souls in nature. It isn’t always possible for us to get outside into a natural setting. Maybe we need a boost in the middle of the night, when it wouldn’t be practical to go out. Of course, I encourage being out in nature as much as possible, or even just opening a window, but in this post I want to talk about things which can be utilized anytime and just about anywhere.

First I want to cover things which can literally be utilized anywhere… at work, on the train, on the bus, in a meeting, etc. I’ve always had a huge appreciation for crystals and stones. They have wonderful energy, and part of the beauty of them is that you can get them in sizes small enough that they can be carried in your pocket to use anywhere. You can take it out of your pocket and hold it in your hand, or simply put your hand in your pocket for a few moments if you wish. Different stones are known for their unique properties. For example…a rose quartz is a stone of loving energy and is excellent for calming anxiety. Here is a link to a site with an overview of several stones Learning the widely known properties of several stones is very helpful. However, I have always believed and have told several people who I have counseled that we do not have to stick to what we read about this. I have bowls of stones all around my house and even individual ones sitting here and there. Sometimes when I am feeling a little out of sorts, I’ll walk up to a bowl and run my hand through it. After working with stones for a while you can feel vibrations or energies in them…so as I am running my hand through the stones I will get a feeling in my fingers which tells me that this is the stone that I need. I guess that what I am trying to say is that it’s important to learn, but that there is so wrong or right way to work with the stones.

Meditation and visualization are also tools which can be utilized anytime…anywhere, after we’ve spent some time learning how to do them. One meditation which I’ve always adored and still do is a white light meditation. You can find information and even videos on Youtube to learn the technique. You should search for one which feels comfortable to you, which is extremely important. Do not mistake comfortable with easy though, because learning to meditate and visualize can take time. Be patient and keep trying. It will come eventually. Do not fill yourself with negative talk…I’m not doing it right…I feel stupid doing this…or any variation of such talk. Just allow yourself to be patient and relax, because there is no time limit on working with your spirit. After you’ve mastered, or at least become fairly proficient you can use mini meditation or visualizations any time…even in the middle of a business meeting. Of course I wouldn’t recommend doing it while driving. We have to have common sense about it, but anywhere in which safety isn’t a factor is great. I have utilized it and credit it for helping me maintain some sanity in the workplace. When there were seemingly impossible deadlines to make or in a long boring meeting I’ve taken a few deep breaths and invited the white light to surround me. It really does make a difference by bringing a sense of calm and balance to get you through the day.

There are even more options at home. You can light candles and incense. There is also information readily available which covers the meanings and uses of various colors and scents. Once again, this is excellent to gain knowledge about, but when it comes down to it there will be times in which you should just follow your intuition. Music and sound are also fantastic tools. This is your choice as well and there are so many choices available. There are soothing New Age music, nature sounds, chants, and drumming to name a few. Just don’t be afraid to step outside of your usual listening habits because depending on what it is that you need at any given moment, the music or lack of which will help you can vary widely. I also recommend having live green plants in your surroundings. Have a brown thumb? Don’t worry about that. There are plenty of plants out there which are very easy to care for. Bamboo, air ferns, and the cactus family are a few easy care choices.

Of course there are many other things we could cover here, but this is just a small sampling to give you some ideas or to spur you to think about what may work better for you. The important thing is to find those things which can help you stay connected to your spirituality and keep using them. Of course you will always learn new things and may wish to change things a bit. That is fantastic and I strongly recommend that no one ever stop being open to learning new things or expanding upon old knowledge. The key is that we not allow ourselves to slide into complacency about this side of ourselves. Just like anything else in life whether it is a skill, a creative gift, or even a relationship…if we do not put any effort into them they become rusty and deteriorate. Many of us, and I’ve been guilty of this, go through life putting everything we have into work and relationships but letting our spirit slide. Trust me on this, because I’ve learned it the hard way…when we neglect the spirit, every aspect of our lives and beings are affected. Sure we still muddle through and push on, but without the link to spirit, we lack that sense of wholeness which comes from having balance in all aspects of ourselves.

8 thoughts on “Filling Your Spiritual Toolbox…Not About Religion

  1. And a Terriffic Thursday to you Miss Tracy,i was very spell bound by your blog yesterday and just had to come check it out again today…sure enough you have another goodie to read. thank you.

  2. Thank you so much! I hope that you have a fantastic day. Your blog really caught my attention yesterday too and I've just gone and signed up. Looking forward to getting to know you better. 🙂

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