Tarot for the Week ~ February 6 – 12, 2012

You’ve had some changes in either your thinking or lifestyle lately, maybe both, which are about to make it possible for you to attract successes which have been elusive for a while. Be on the lookout for news which will help you to accomplish something you’ve been thinking about for some time. If your life has been chaotic or disappointing, you can breathe a sigh of relief for this is about to change. It’s important that you make some connections with spiritual energies during this time and to make sure that the way you live reflects what you say that you believe. Without these we cannot expect to see change and with the potential for success during this week, it would be a mistake to let yourself become mired in either self pity or indifference.

By being alert to opportunities, being positive, and working on your spiritual side you can influence things to bring success or a change of luck into your life. This could be a very positive time, as long as you are aware of your motives. Personal motives are extremely important in that we should not try to influence situations in such a way that it would be detrimental for someone else. Always remember the nature of karma…what you put out there will always make it’s way back. There’s a big difference between seizing an opportunity and being opportunistic.

Important messages are coming your way this week which will impart knowledge helpful for your growth and advancement. These messages will have impact on both the spiritual and physical aspects of your life and will come from unexpected places. It will be important to be tactful this week as this could make all the difference in dealing with a situation which may arise soon. Be truthful without being forceful.

Last week was a good time to create the groundwork for this time of action. This should be an interesting week full of opportunities for success. Make sure that you remain alert or you just might miss something important. Remember to keep yourself grounded spiritually this week as well as making sure that you keep your motives pure. While it may be a great week to take advantage of news and messages, make sure that you use these in a positive way and not against another person. Also keep in mind that tact will be important in dealing with a situation this week and could make all the difference in outcome. Just know that a lot is within your control and that your attitude and approach matters. With all the stuff which will go on this week, make sure that you do not neglect the spiritual side of life.

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