Quick Update

Today will be my fourth night taking the Neurontin and it’s going pretty well so far. The first day I felt like a zombie and did nothing but lay around all day…so tired. The second day it was the opposite and was a little jittery, but not too bad. Today I feel pretty good actually and am starting to feel a little less pain, which is a very good thing. Last night, for the first time in almost a week I was able to knit a little bit. That made me happy, because my hands had been hurting so badly that it wasn’t possible. There’s even been some progress made with packing up for the move.

It’s looking like this medication just might hold some promise and that excites me. The past several months of having to scale back my life so much has not been a whole lot of fun. Even though I managed okay, with most of my sanity intact I have to admit that there were times that it really got to me. So, cross your fingers and wish me luck! More soon…

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