Weekend Tarot January 28 & 29, 2012

This weekend, it will be best if you follow your inner voice. Do not let yourself be dissuaded from being true to yourself. Remember that you always have a choice, in every matter. Try not to take things too seriously while at the same time operating from a place of wisdom and love. You may feel doubtful of yourself, but this is only because you are trying to move away from patterns which are either negative or maybe just mundane. Do not let this doubt win. Break free and allow yourself to have the freedom of making your own choices. Also try to remain flexible this weekend as something might arise which you may just want to change your plans for.

This is a card of transformation, perpetual change, and mystery. It also points to breaking free from negative patterns and behaviors. Let those parts of yourself go that are holding you back, so that the better you can come into being. All of us go through many cycles of letting go of the old and bringing the new and better into our lives. It’s time to move beyond what you have been told is best and right…even if you were the one who convinced yourself of it!

These cards together make for an interesting weekend. Follow your heart, tune out the negativity and self doubt, and choose to do things that are true to your genuine, higher self. It has the makings of an empowering and beautiful few days spent taking care of yourself as well as finding and following your heart to more joy.

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