Tarot Format Change Ahead

Beginning on Monday, January 30th the format for the Tarot reading will be changing. Instead of doing a single card reading on a daily basis, I will be providing a more in depth, multiple card reading for the week. This is something that I’ve been considering for several weeks and have finally decided to try. The main reason behind this is that I simply feel that I could be serving all of you much better by giving readings which are more detailed and long reaching. Many of the daily readings, as I’m sure that regular readers of the blog have noticed, are jam packed with information which I do not feel can be processed in a 24 hour period.

This will be a trial run of course which will be open to discussion and consideration. However, I do believe that the new format will be a lot better for everyone. The weekly reading will be posted on Midnight on Monday and will be in effect until the following Sunday night. This doesn’t mean that I will only be here once a week though. I will still be here posting on other topics, hopefully more than I have been recently. My request to you is that you give the new format at least a few week before making a decision either way. I am pretty excited about this and hope that it will accomplish exactly what I think that it will…which will be readings which have time to progress, therefore being more complete. I want to thank all of you in advance!

Warmest Blessings,
Tracy Makara

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