Tarot of the Day for January 21, 2012

Today’s card is from the Shapeshifter Tarot and is:

5 of Swords – Conflict –

This card cautions us about negativity. If you’ve found yourself mired in negative emotions, or find that you have been reacting negatively toward people or situations now is the time to get it in check. Negativity breeds more of itself and one could find their life and relationships suffering the consequences. Do whatever you need to do to put your mind in a more positive place or you could find that your negativity will cause you to say something which could cost you dearly. Sometimes things are better left unsaid until we are sure where we are coming from. Think about how much of your attitude really has to do with the person or situation…and how much of it has to do with your own issues before speaking. Sometimes when we are in a negative frame of mind it feels good to blast someone with venom…until the aftermath hits. We should definitely stand up for ourselves when it is needed, but make sure about it. If you have sunk into a not so good place, that’s okay and happens to the best of us…but there comes a time to get through it and past it. Do not act out in aggression. Nothing good can come from it.

Another caution associated with this card is that there may be someone in your life with whom you need to break ties for your own safety. If there is a person who you are involved with…exhibiting signs that trouble is brewing, make sure you heed the signs and get them out of your life. This is not the time to make excuses…it’s time to listen to your gut instincts.


2 thoughts on “Tarot of the Day for January 21, 2012

  1. Yes…you convinced me…more positivity, definitely! By the way, I love the title of you blog.(Thanks for becoming a follower, I will do the same.)xx

  2. 🙂 We all need reminders of that from time to time. Thank you about the name…my sister and I brainstormed on the phone one night to come up with it. When I went to look at your blog, I had to follow because I love it! You do great work. Thanks for following me back.

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