Excellent Idea…Goddess Life List

A few days ago I received an email update from Goddess Leonie. I absolutely love the work that she does and find her to be very inspirational…not to mention how much fun it would be to be able to just hang out with her! Anyway, the email the other day was about her personal Goddess Life List. It was so great that I just had to make my own. Yes, it’s still a work in progress… there were a few things which popped up on this list that surprised me. I hadn’t even realized that I wanted to do some of them. Considering how much fun this was…and enlightening, I want to recommend this activity to all of you. Some of these have already been crossed off because I not only worked with current desires, but also dug into the past. Without further ado…here is my list:

1. Have blue hair. Done 🙂
2. Write a book. Well underway.
3.Read lots of books. Always have and always will
4. Get a tattoo. Done but thinking about more 😉
5. Learn to read tarot cards. Done and still learning.
6. Work with a crystal ball.
7. Swim in the ocean. Done and will do it again.
8. Learn to use a pottery wheel.
9. Go visit my best friend.
10. Be a published author…not just short stories and poetry.
11. Make an altar. Done, but want a bigger one that feels more permanent.
12. Visit a castle.
13. Read Women Who Run With Wolves all the way through.
14. Attend spiritual classes and workshops.
15. Go to a drum circle.
16. Sit at a sidewalk cafe…people watching. Done and loved it. Need to move to an area where I can do it again.
17. Pet an elephant. This is one of the ones I didn’t know was even going to come up 🙂
18. Dance under the stars by firelight.
19. Be more physically active.
20. Resume Tai Chi.
21. Collect stones and rocks. Done and want to keep doing!
22. Marry myself. Yes! You read that right. Want to know more about this? Search it on the internet 🙂
23. Hug more.
24. Run through a wavy meadow and then lie in the tall, soft grass looking up at the sky.
25. Attend a retreat.
26. Listen to more street musicians.
27. Spend more time in parks and gardens.
28. Hug another tree 🙂
29. Have a romantic moment under a waterfall.
30. Visit a Buddhist temple.
31. Go to an outdoor nighttime pagan gathering wearing a cloak.
32. Take various classes and workshops…both spiritual and creative.
33. Go to a poetry reading.
34. Teach or lead classes and workshops. This is a HUGE one which I didn’t realize I wanted so much.
35. Have my own shop.
36. Do readings professionally. I already do them for friends and random people who ask.
37. Make more REAL friends.
38. Sing more.
39. Wear clothing that is more fun and reflective of my personality.
40. Grow my own herbs. Have grown a few…dill…basil…but want to do more.
41. Help people to heal…inside and out.
42. Find and join a group of like minded people.
43. Laugh more.
44. Make more art.
45. Be more confident in myself.

I know that this list will grow, and thanks to Leonie’s inspiration I am committed to making sure that I keep up with this. It is so helpful to spend time thinking about what we need to be doing to make ourselves happy.  When we know what these things are, then we can redirect ourselves back to our path…maybe even switch to a new path as we change and grow. What sort of things would be on your list?

Afterthought…This list has struck such a meaningful chord with me that I am going to create a separate tab for it so that I can easily update it in it’s own dedicated space.

Request…if this post inspires any of you to make your own list I would love it if you would comment on this post with a link to your list so I can go read them. 🙂


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