Latest Artwork

Entire sketch

I just finished this sketch a little while ago and am loving that this time around art and spirituality went hand in hand. It happened completely spontaneously…this was not my intent when I began the sketch. As I was reading a description of the plant I wished to sketch…the black nightshade…the little paragraph there mentioned that this was a plant sacred to the goddess Hecate. After I finished the sketch, I was reminded of a verse I had once read about Hecate’s affinity with herbal spiritual work…so I had to find it and when I did was so struck by it’s beauty and simplicity that I had to include it in the drawing.

Close up of verse

This has been a very good few days for me spiritually speaking and I am very appreciative of how things are flowing as a result. There is another project I worked on this morning…but that is for another post. Before I end here, I am including a link to a site with what I feel is an excellent description of the goddess Hecate to whom I have always felt an affinity. Many people see her as a being of darkness but there is so much more to her, and this link goes into it way better than I feel that I could. Another thing that strikes me about my choice of plant and it’s connection to Hecate is that I have been saying for a while how I feel as though I’ve been at a crossroads and that the process of moving on to new and better things has started. When you read the link, you will see why I feel as though a most welcome and needed message has been sent my way. With much gratitude I say….Message received. Hecate Link


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