Breaking Through

Sometimes we need to step back a little and give ourselves time to gather our thoughts. This is what I did over the past day or so. I unplugged my phones and spent time meditating, reading, reflecting, and even sleeping. My focus and concentration were very low and it was important to give myself time to work on that. I have a confession to make here. For the past several years meditation has been very difficult for me and this has been extremely frustrating because I know from personal experience how beneficial it can be. In my past, meditation was as big of a part of my day as breathing. It helped me mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Mentally, it helped me to achieve better focus and concentration. Emotionally, it helped me to reach a more calm and balanced state of being. Physically, it was a huge help in lowering pain levels due to fibromyalgia and arthritis. In addition, it helped me to sleep better. Spiritually, it helped me in many ways. The focus and inner calm were a huge benefit in helping me to accept and embrace my individual gifts and path. As you can imagine, losing my ability to meditate effectively has been pretty detrimental.

For several years I was in a personal situation in which I was strongly discouraged from maintaining my meditation practice. The discouragement was extreme…to the point that I had been trained to feel discomfort on emotional and physical levels when I did meditate. Even though I have had a few years out of that situation, it has been difficult to let myself feel comfortable doing something which used to be natural to me. No matter how baseless these feelings are in my life today, they we pretty deeply ingrained. So, I found a few videos with guided meditations which I liked and have been using them over the past few days to give myself a hand in reestablishing that comfort zone. The last few times I have used the videos, it has been very productive and comfortable. So, instead of stubbornly trying to tough it out on my own, I have given myself permission to approach it differently and I’m so glad that I have.

Beginning to feel that sense of internal balance and peace again for the first time in several years is lovely. I have found myself starting to automatically do things like lighting a candle or walking past a crystal and picking it up without thinking about it first. This is very encouraging to me, and is part of my theme for the year. My key words for this year are Claim It…or in this case reclaim. The reason for this post is to put my experience out there for you, with hope that it will help someone else. If you’ve found yourself feeling blocked, allow yourself to slow things down and take out some time to work on it. Also remember that you do not have to tough it out on your own…it is perfectly good to seek out help if you are having a hard time making a breakthrough. Watch videos…read books…do whatever it takes to achieve your sense of inner calm and balance. Finding that space of ease within ourselves is crucial to living fully, finding peace, having better relationships with ourselves and others, having improved health, and boosting our creativity. We are worth it and owe it, not only to ourselves but to the others whose lives we touch to be living genuinely. Your issue may be completely different from mine, but no matter what it is…the solution is the same. Step back and invest some time and energy into living up to your potential.


2 thoughts on “Breaking Through

  1. Thank you for taking the time to read it. Sometimes slowing ourselves down is the best thing we can do. While we think nothing of putting in an effort to help others, it can be hard to allow ourselves to work on our own needs…and accept help. Why is it that we feel the need to be so strong? Self defeating! I'm so glad that this lesson is getting through to me…and that putting this out there can help others 🙂 *hugs*

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