Tarot of the Day for January 8, 2012

Today’s card is from the Shapeshifter Tarot and is:

7 of Wands – Valor –

It’s time to start moving toward your dreams and desires. Let your drive and  motivation kick in and allow it to spur you forward. The key word here is forward. I want you to really think about your ambitions lately. Have you been concentrating on moving toward your desires, or has your focus been more on moving away from what you do not want? This is important, because our focus has a large role in determining what we are drawing into our lives. If we concentrate on what we are unhappy with we are hindering ourselves, however when we put our energy into our desires and success it works as a magnet drawing better things to us. Make sure that you are remaining positive and trust your intuition to guide you in the best direction. Rest assured that you are perfectly able to protect yourself from negativity, whether situations or people. Be courageous, defend your values, honor yourself, and you will succeed.


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