Latest Completed Knitting Projects and Free Original Pattern

I found a pattern for a knit dragonfly washcloth a few days ago and knew that I had to make at least one for my sister…because she loves all things dragonfly…and it was just so cute! There will definitely be more of these made because they work up really quick and the end result is really nice. I used a 100% Cotton worsted weight, but I’m sure that you could experiment with other yarns. Below is a picture of the finished washcloth and a link to the pattern. This pattern is not mine.


Second is a scarf which I’m calling fruit stripe and the pattern is my own. I used two strands of yarn on size 11 needles. One strand was a regular worsted weight acrylic in variegated colors and the second strand was a bright sport weight acrylic in a complimentary single color. I still have to finish this off with some fringe…just because I think it would look great with fringe. Below is a picture with the pattern to follow.


1 Ball Worsted weight variegated acrylic
1 Ball Sport weight solid acrylic in complimentary color
Size 11 needles

Use both yarns held together throughout

Cast on 17 stitches
Begin pattern:
Rows 1-4 Knit across
Row 5 *K1, Yarn Over, K1 repeat from * to end of row
Row 6 *K1, Drop 1, K1 repeat from * to end of row

Repeat pattern until desired length ending with Row 4
Bind off loosely using regular knit stitch.

For fringe, measure out how long you would like the fringe to be. On a scarf I prefer around 3 inches. The simplest way I have found to make fringe quickly is to take a piece of cardboard and cut it to size. In the case of a 3 inch fringe, you would cut your cardboard to be six inches. Take your yarn and wrap it around and around your cardboard several times…at least 12 times for this scarf. Now take your scissors and snip the yarn on both edges of the cardboard. Now you have 24 strands of 3 inch fringe. Use your judgement here based on how much fringe you want.

Row 6 instruction detail:
You will be knitting a stitch and dropping each yarn over stitch off of the left needle without doing anything else to it. That’s right…just pick it off the needle and let it fall. *smile* This gives the ladder effect you see between knit rows and it makes this scarf move along really quickly.

For more detailed directions on how to put fringe on or doing a yarn over, there are plenty of instructional videos on youtube to help you out.

I hope you enjoy the free pattern!


4 thoughts on “Latest Completed Knitting Projects and Free Original Pattern

  1. You're very welcome sister! Glad you like it πŸ™‚ I'll make you another…we wouldn't want the dragonflies to get lonely πŸ™‚ No wonder you like dragonflies…they are so pretty…like little flying rainbows. I like the scarf too. Nothing like a little color to brighten up the gray winter. *HUGS*

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