Tarot of the Day for January 7, 2012

Today’s cards are from the Shapeshifter Tarot and are:

4 – The Father –

This card reminds us to practice self control. Without learning and mastering this we cannot be truly responsible, nor will we be capable of leadership…even within our own lives. The traditional role of the father is of creator and he is known also for balance. We have many opportunities in front of us for knowledge and growth, but if we do not have balance and control of all aspects of ourselves we are not prepared to take them. Start today to bring yourself into balance and control and you will find that everything will fall into place.

8 of Wands – Swiftness –

Has your life been feeling stale lately? This card indicates that this staleness will end, and that new opportunities will come rapidly. Be alert for messages and be prepared to think quickly when they come. Taken together with the card above we are being shown that opportunities for happiness, growth, and success are on the way. Our job is to ready ourselves to go with the flow and be perceptive to the energies available for us to work with. We do this best by practicing self control, while at the same time trusting that powers higher than ourselves are behind the scenes. There is spiritual help, filled with power available on every step of our journey which will help us make our way in life and even experience the magical.


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