Tarot of the Day for December 27, 2011 – 2 Cards

Dear Readers,

These two cards literally jumped out of the deck. They both hold the number 10, which stands for destiny, fulfillment, and perfection. The number 10 also signifies the end of a cycle and for a change in circumstances. Having two cards holding this number jump out is significant, so I felt that an additional note for today’s reading to draw your attention to this was important.

Tracy Makara

Today’s cards are from the Shapeshifter Tarot and are:

10 – The Circle –

This card is all about change. If you are alert to opportunities and keep positive practices you can influence and attract energies to bring success your way. Keep working toward spiritual growth as well, for this will ensure that you will maintain a forward course in life. Focus now should be on truly knowing that change is a constant in our lives and that we influence the direction of the wheel by virtue of our practices, intentions, actions, and emotions. Be mindful of what your real motives are when using these energies to bring about changes. The very name of this card implies a circular nature and it really is true…a wheel when turned does come back around, so make doubly sure that the reasons behind your desires are benign. All things make their way back…and we all know the saying about what karma can be. Let’s make sure that we send out and try to attract things which will only be beneficial.

10 of Pentacles – Wealth –

The wealth card signifies abundance and strength in our lives both in business and at home. Make sure that you keep yourself grounded and spend some time connecting with your earthy nature and whatever it is that stands for the earth element to you. This is an auspicious time to manifest material prosperity in your life. The home front and family are also significant with this card, so you may want to spend some time improving your surroundings to make the environment conducive to inspiration and health. This doesn’t mean that you have to undertake major expense or work. Simply add some touches or make a few changes to make the energy more positive around you. This is different for each of us and you will know what is right for you and your space.


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