Box of Dreams

A little before nine this evening, I finally figured out what to do with my day. It was definitely a late start kind of day! The idea for the Box of Dreams came into my mind a few days ago. I had a light bulb moment during a long phone discussion last week trying to help someone to understand the concept of how our thoughts and attitudes influence our lives.This person has had a very difficult year…long term relationship ended, job difficulties, moving to a new city…oh yeah it’s been a rough one for them. There is a company which this person really wants to work for and they have been trying to incorporate positive energy to bring that to fruition, but unsure where to start.

This person had been trying to mentally verbalize this like so…”I know that this company usually hires after the first of the year so if I put in an application now, hopefully the timing will be right to get the job that I want”. My reply was to keep it simple and state and believe that the job was already theirs. I explained how the word want is the one that the Universe would pick up on, which isn’t a good thing. The word want signifies lack and therefore by using the term we completely set the stage to keep on wanting. After ten more minutes of bantering back and forth about how to go about this, two little words came out of my mouth which made the bells go off, “Claim it”! The line got quiet for a few seconds before I found myself holding the phone out from my ear about a foot because of the reply. “Wow, that’s really it! Claim it. I can do that. This makes sense to me”.

As soon as the words came out of my mouth, the little bells went off for me too. It really is that simple. While I was still on the phone, I grabbed a Sharpie and some note paper and wrote the words, “Claim It” on several sheets and tacked them up all around the house to remind myself to keep it simple. Why is it that we over think every little thing? Then I was asked what I would be claiming and there are a few items on that list. So, ever since this conversation the simplistic beauty of those two little words have been bouncing around in my head and the idea for the dream box was born.

Making this was so simple, yet empowering!

I’ve had this little basket for years which was filled with note paper and even though I hardly ever used it, I have held onto it. Now I know why! Now it’s been given a bright new paint job and sparklies and is ready for use. My new personal method for the positive vibe/claiming what is already mine philosophy is to write what I am claiming on a piece of that note paper…drop it into the Box of Dreams…wait until what I’ve claimed makes its way to me…and then I will remove it from the box. Absolutely simple, and for me absolutely perfect.

My best friend and I had a conversation just today in which she was telling me about her word for the year. Hers is permission and her post about it was lovely…and my words for 2012 are Claim It! I thought about posting this tomorrow, because it’s late but it felt too important. For some reason I just had to get this out there tonight. Hopefully it will give you a little food for thought and ignite some sparks to jump start making next year more positive and fulfilling.


2 thoughts on “Box of Dreams

  1. The box is perfect for you.Claiming something really does work. I find it easier for me to actually visualize myself doing what it is that I claim. Visualization is another important tool. At least for me it is. Great post sister. Hmmm…sounds like I have a new post coming for myself!

  2. Hi Sister, I totally agree with you about visualization and it's definitely another one of the tools that I use. The box is yet another way to help make inner changes possible. All of us have inner voices and attitudes tagging along with us…and many of these are not helping us to live our best life, even though they are what we were taught. I can't wait to see your post! *hugs*

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