Tarot of the Day for December 20, 2011

Today’s card is from the Shapeshifter Tarot and is:

8 of Cups – The Quest –

Okay, take a deep breath. Restless energy is going to be an issue today. You may find yourself feeling incapable of making a decision…about anything today. You may also experience feeling as though you just do not want to commit to anything at all. It’s a day of feeling as though you are wandering aimlessly as well as having your head in the clouds, not being realistic at all.

Don’t worry, all is not lost. With the hectic pace we all experience these days it is easy for imbalances in our lives to take place. Many of us are moving at a whirlwind pace and find ourselves focusing on the physical aspects of life to the exclusion of the spiritual. There are also some of us who neglect the physical at times and go a little too far in the other direction. We can bring all of this back into alignment, hopefully before it wreaks havoc in some area.

The first step is to slow things down and ask yourself what your major focus has been lately. Then ask yourself what you’ve been neglecting. If you’ve been caught up in day to day hustle and bustle, it’s time to back down a little. Try meditating, deep breathing, listening to relaxing dreamy music, light a candle, take a walk outside, or anything else which will bring you in touch with your spiritual side. If you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum and have been neglecting the physical side of life, turn on some lively music and dig in to something physical to bring yourself back to earth.

This restless feeling can be very uncomfortable, but when we begin to understand that it is our signal that things are out of balance it isn’t quite so unsettling. Take your cues, answer your questions honestly, and bring things back in line. Remember not to stress yourself about this too much. In today’s world it’s very easy for these imbalances to occur. We just have to be tuned in enough to our feelings to know when they are occurring and take action.


4 thoughts on “Tarot of the Day for December 20, 2011

  1. Thank you Karen. It's been happening to many of us, so at least you aren't alone. There have been a lot of energetic shifts taking place for quite a while and along with normal daily life it has thrown quite a few of us off kilter. At least you recognize it, and that is half the battle. I fully believe that each step takes us closer to the person we really are and are meant to be.

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