Gorgeous Jade…much prettier in person

I’m not sure about where you are, but it’s definitely not a great day to be outdoors where I am. So, I thought that it would be nice to post an older video that I made with some nice outdoor shots. When the weather or other circumstances are not conducive to actually getting outdoors there are other ways that we can bring nature to us. It’s always better to get outside, but many of us do not have the time or opportunity to do so. But, we can watch nature shows on TV, look at books and magazines, or soak up some light sitting by a window watching the world go by.

Assorted stones in abalone shell & soapstone figures

We can go further by bringing pieces of nature indoors. Plants are a great way to add good energy and life into our environments. Another personal favorite of mine are stones, and not just crystals. Ever since I was a child I have collected interesting rocks that I’ve found along the way, and yes I definitely love my crystals and other stones too. When we can’t be outside we can have natural things around us that we can simply look at or even touch to bring our connection with nature closer.

There are also natural scents which we can use in our homes to honor nature and draw it’s energy inside. A few of my favorites are sandalwood, lemon, lavendar, pine, and cinnamon. There are also a myriad of recordings of nature sounds out there. The sea, the wilderness, rain…the list goes on and on. Give some of these a try sometime and see if it doesn’t make your day better. I’m going to wrap this up for now and get busy with some knitting. I hope that your weekend is going well. Below is the video. Hopefully you enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “Nature

  1. Essential oils are a wonderful way to add atmosphere indoors. You have some great ideas there!I have a jungle of houseplants in my front window. They have gotten completely overgrown, but I love their crazy tangle and I always procrastinate on trimming them back.

  2. Hi Spark! Thanks 🙂 I love working with natural elements to make spaces more comfortable and to try for a calming atmosphere. I completely understand not wanting to trim back your plants. Your front window sounds lovely.

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